Radiohead – “Supercollider”

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This news is a bit late in coming, but it still feels worthwhile to talk about. I’m among those who speculate Radiohead to release a new album sometime in 2009, as I mentioned in an earlier post where the band said it was a possibility.

Currently unreleased, “Supercollider” may be released by Radiohead on their next album. If so, it might offer a clue of what to expect. Like In Rainbows, I expect Radiohead’s lyrics to be more positive lyrically than their previous work.

This seems to be the case with “Supercollider” as well, with Thom singing, “I have jettisoned my illusions / I have dislodged my depression / I put the shadows back into / the boxes.” Thom struggled with depression, which reflected highly in the lyrics of Kid A and Amnesiac, released in 2000 and 2001 respectively. These lyrics are a far cry from “How to Disappear Completely,” with Thom singing “I’m not here /This isn’t happening / I’m not here /I’m not here.”

I’m happy for Thom Yorke in that he his life is getting better, that his perspectives, motivations, and inspirations, as well as that of the band, are being featured in their music and not solely the negativities.

Like many critics of In Rainbows, I agree that this is a new band, no longer solely angry or saddened by the state of the world. Though these sentiments are still present, hope is also expressed in the lyrics of both In Rainbows and the currently unreleased “Supercollider.”

I like Radiohead’s new direction – not only are they able to make compositional leaps and bounds, but lyrical ones as well.

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