maudlin of the Well – Leaving Your Body Map

Monday, January 19, 2009
Leaving Your Body Map (2001)

Leaving Your Body Map (2001)

This has to be the most pretentious piece of music ever composed. Yet I love it.

Why do I love it? I can’t exactly say. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever heard. I don’t just say that. The opening track, “Stones of October’s Sobbing,” has flutes, clarinets, heavy metal guitars, double kick drums, electronica, you name it. This has to be the most diverse lineup of instruments I’ve ever seen in a musical group. It’s ballsy. And the thing is, it works. That is, whatever “works” is for you.

“Works” is for me when it comes to this album. For the longest time it seemed like nothing special. But last week, I could not fall asleep. So, I propped myself up in my bed and listened to this with my headphones. There was nothing but me and the music going into my ears, lighting up the pleasure centers in my brain.

Leaving Your Body Map is jazzier than it’s companion album, Bath, which I reviewed last year (feels weird saying “last year”).

Though Bath and Leaving Your Body Map are companion albums, and by listening to each I can obviously hear they are both of maudlin, they are different shades of maudlin. Bath is more epic –Leaving Your Body Map is more chill. I listen to Bath when I want to feel echoes of the deepest feelings imaginable. I listen to Leaving Your Body Map when I want to think and be challenged, have my brain be turned upside-down and inside-out.

Track three, Bizarre Flowers/A Violent Mist – is truly otherworldly, and you’ll get the vibe of Leaving Your Body Map’s jazzy atmosphere. The song, by the way, is the highlight of the album for me.


  1. Do you think ‘Bath’ is better or ‘Leaving Your Body Map’?
    And why the hell are they so unknown?^^

  2. I guess it’s more accurate to say maudlin of the Well aren’t every well-known, rather than completely unknown. I would say their lack of being well-known is mostly due to the avant-garde nature of their music, which really doesn’t lend itself to gaining a mass audience.

    It’s cool to see that they are gaining a bit in popularity, mostly through the Internet (they’ve got to back together to release a new album this year…pretty sweet).

    To answer your question, both Bath and Leaving Your Body Map are out of this world, but I do like Bath a little better. I did a review of it fairly recently, if you want to check that out.

    Their debut album is also pretty good.

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