Ulver – Perdition City

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Perdition City (2000)

Perdition City (2000)

Ulver is my recent obsession. I love bands that get out there and do something different.

Before Perdition City, Ulver was a black metal band, based out of Oslo. But with this album, Ulver dared go electronic.

They completed a jump where many bands fell.  Ulver’s style jump demonstrates they aren’t just accomplished metal musicians. They are accomplished muscicians, period.

The style jump reminds  me of Radiohead going from OK Computer’s alternative to Kid A’s electronica and jazz (being a Radiohead fan, I had to use that analogy). In an interesting coincidence, both Kid A and Perdition City hit shelves in 2000.

Ulver, too, incorporate jazz in Perdition City. The opener “Lost in Moments” flirts close to being  cool jazz, only without the cheese. Though relaxing, it remains dark, Ulver remaining true to its black metal past.

The next track is my favorite, “Porn Piece or the Scars of Cold Kisses.” The song begins with icy piano. Then sparse beats join. It crecendoes to a sudden fall. Silence. Then enter lyrics in pure poetry, beats and chord progression accenting each syllable to perfection.

I will listen to Ulver much in coming weeks.

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