Miles Davis – In A Silent Way

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
In a Silent Way (1969)

In a Silent Way (1969)

It this album were more laid back, it’d be horizontal. As its namesake suggets, In a Silent Way is very peaceful. At first it’s best heard as back ground. As it gets more famliar, it warrants a closer listening.

The album features only two tracks: “Shhh / Peaceful” and “In a Silent Way / It’s about that time.” Each runs about twenty minutes.

This record is important because it marks the birth of jazz fusion, a step almost as revolutionary as Miles 1959 release of “Kind of Blue.”

It is also a lot more unaccessible than Kind of Blue. But most works of genius take patience to unlock.

My favorite is probably the intro/outro of track two, or, the “in a silent way” segment. This is most beautiful and peaceful and dreamy music I’ve ever heard. John McLaughlin is breathtaking on guitar. He and Davis (the other muscicians names on the record are lost onme) really conjure something special here.

In a Silent Way  changed the world of jazz forever, and is probably my favorite Davis album.


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