Beatles Remastered Box Set to be Released

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This sounds really cool. It’s set to sell September 9.

Usually I’m not much for buying CD’s I already own, but being a Beatles fan, this might be worth it, depending on the price. I can’t see it going for too cheap, though.

As far as boxed sets go, it’s really cool to see the entire Beatles discography rematered, which has been lacking up until now. I could see this making a great gift for anyone interested in the Beatles, as well as for hardcore fans.

Basically, Apple and EMI have remastered all the Beatles albums, including their American release of Magical Mystery Tour but sans Yellow Submarine. They are offering two boxed sets, one, as I understand, being mono and the other stereo.

There won’t be any outtakes – as far as the article says, it’s just the albums. It’s due to come out this September.

I might get this, if the price is not too steep.

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