Drake – Take Care

Monday, May 14, 2012

Take Care (2011)

I don’t know how to phrase this but…sigh…I like Drake.

There, I said it. Haters are gonna hate, but there’s something endearing about this Canadian (or maybe American?) rapper I can’t place my finger on. Maybe I sympathize with him, in some strange way. Yeah, I’m not millionaire (it’s only four figures when they tax me), and I don’t have sex four times a week (as alluded to in “Marvin’s Room”). But for some reason, this album speaks to me, and it’s nice to sit back and chill out to good beats and a good flow.

Damn…the beats. The beats are absolutely stellar on this album, from the first lines of “Over my Dead Body” to “The Ride”. There’s a ream of amazing guest artists that almost steal the show (Rihanna, The Weekend, Nicki Manaj, Lil Wayne, and André 3000, the latter’s whose rapping borders on poetic brilliance in “The Real Her”, perhaps my favorite track on the album, in close contention with “Crew Love”).

I’ve listened to this album many times through, and haven’t grown tired of it yet. For a while, I’d play “Over My Dead Boyd” in the car real loud after I got off work each day, and it would take me away. I’ve listened to that one so much that I can almost recite the lyrics verbatim (even if I feel utterly ridiculous doing so).

Undeniably, there are several down tracks, but for the most part, Take Care is solid throughout, especially from the first track through “Marvin’s Room”. Even if the lyrics are lackluster at points, Drake’s sincerity more than makes up for it. Besides, it’s the general feel that appeals to me most. Take Care accomplishes that and then some.

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