Me + music + writing +magic = Magic Albums.

About me: I’m a twenty four-year-old writer/music connoisseur living in Oklahoma. I listen to all kinds of music, from indie to jazz to rap to classical to well…almost everything. I do everything from the most popular recent albums to some really esoteric stuff – whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.Nothing is off the table, I’m willing to give anything a fair shot.

I hope you enjoy. (^_^)


  1. Hello Kyle,
    we would be very happy if you find some time to listen/introduce/review our new record “Find A Place To Be Safe” on your blog.
    We created a press page to have everything about us and the album on one page. Our US release is the 15th.Jan.2010. We hope you like our music…..

    Here is the link:

    To download the album, you need this password to unzip the rar file: superman110

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks a lot
    Chris & Matt

    Collapse Under The Empire

  2. I’ll review soon, if the link still works. I just breathed life back into the blog after a long hiatus. If any details have changed, let me know.

  3. Hello

    Was just reading about your blog – really cool, really enjoyed the Explosions In The Sky stuff – brilliant band.

    I’m Matt Stevens and and I have a new album out on the 1st June. I do instrumental acoustic guitar post rock stuff. I wondered if you would consider having a listen and maybe doing a review. I also play in a band called the Fierce and the Dead. I make all my music available as a pay what you want download.

    This is the link to download my album which includes artwork.(free)


    Press for the first album:

    “Very cool. Almost like Robert Fripp and Tom Verlaine got together for a jam” Telegenises
    “Matt Stevens’ Echo takes its audience on an exhilarating and romantic instrumental adventure. Ranging from light and melodic to deep and aggressive, the moods set by this album flow together like a masterfully woven screenplay. Lyrics are not necessary and would only distract from the virtuosity of Stevens’ guitar compositions.” – Pinpoint Music.com

    “I told him that if I ever wanted my life set to a soundtrack, I’m hiring HIM “Lisa Hoffman Blog

    “Matt Stevens, looping guitar specialist and “One man wall of sound” .Prepare to be blasted away by incredible Spanish, Jazz and Rock rhythms with leads that are out of this world” – Spratton Folk Festival

    “Recently, I had an opportunity to interview a guy who is doing some truly innovative work with acoustic guitar. This is hard to find these days. It’s not that often you hear someone that challenges your ear in several pleasant ways all at once. Matt Stevens is a guitarist, songwriter, producer, arranger and sound experimenter extraordinaire from the UK.” Guitarblogstar..com

    “Even though that record is a must-buy for anyone with an interest in acoustic Guitar music, his regular online concerts or live performances are just as intoxicating. Let there be no doubt about it, after all: Matt Stevens may have some delicious studio cuts on offer, but the stage is still the best place to appreciate this both experimental and deadly catchy music.”Tokafi.com

    “He is fabulous. He has also been renamed Javier in my head because of the way he plays guitar – please check this one out, it’s pay what you want until the end of February and is very highly recommended! “Put Me On It

    You can download my albums here http://mattstevens.bandcamp.com

    My website is http://www.mattstevensguitar.com

    I hope you enjoy it.

    Speak soon


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