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Rush – 2112

Sunday, April 4, 2010

2112 (1976)

A friend burned me a mix CD with the first two movements of “2112” when I was a senior in high school. And I was blown away.

2112 wasn’t like any rock music I had heard. It was different, and spacey. And it rocked hard.

And it had a concept that only nerds like me can appreciate. The story runs something like this, at least to me:

In the year 2112, a dystopia known as the Solar Federation has taken over humanity. This dystopia keeps the masses subjected through a religious system that outlaws music.

But one day a young man discovers a guitar, and learns how to play. His mind is opened, and music makes him see the world differently. He goes to the priests to share his discovery, but they scorn and outlaw him.

The outlaw then visits an oracle, and there gets inspiration. He tries to get the world to understand – but inevitably they can’t. He can’t shake the dream from his mind. Grieved, he kills himself.

But the young man has unwittingly made a martyr of himself. A rebel army gathers under his name. They attempt to usurp the Solar Federation, but in this last movement, it’s left ambiguous who has won.

Nerdy, to be sure – but awesome for guys like me who love sci-fi. I’m not that into prog music, and this is the only thing by Rush I own. The music and lyrics compliment one another perfectly. The instrumentals are out of this world (terrible pun intended).

But the thing is, any fan of rock music should own this. 2112 is an important, unique, and enjoyable album, great to nerd/rock out to.