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Radiohead – The Bends

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
The Bends (1995)

The Bends (1995)

I think of a lot a words at the mention of The Bends. Nostalgia is one of them. Old friends I don’t really see anymore (sad face). Angst? I don’t know. Maybe that’s too cliche and teenagery. But one thing’s for sure – it was (and is)  an album that was (and is) really important to me, especially during my freshman year of college. All of Radiohead was like that for me in that pivotal time in life, when I was discovering a lot of different things, including a more mature taste in music.

I know I’ve reviewed Radiohead to death on this site, but there’s a reason for that. I listened to this band so much my freshman year of college (and a lot beyond as well) that I’m sure they have become a permanent part of my soul. I don’t know how healthy that is, but that sounds about right to me. It’s even to the point that you can quote one line from just about any of their songs (exluding B-sides) and I would probably be able to tell you not only what song it is, but a lot about that particular song and what exactly it means to me. Each song or album evokes a very distinct feeling/thought process within me and makes me all misty-eyed if I don’t stop myself. It’s kind of weird, and even freaks me out a bit writing about it.

But anyway, tangent. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to this album. Well over a hundred. And listening to each song evokes a certain feeling of sadness in me, for some reason. Something  sublime and completely indescribable. This is Radiohead beginning at their best. The sadness, I guess, comes from such bleak lyrics as “Everything is/broken, Everyone is/broken,” “I want to live, breathe, I want to be part of the human race.” And those are just the first two songs. I don’t want to say it’s depressing. Unlike other music that truly is depressing, Radiohead somehow transcends that. I really don’t know what magic allows it do that, and if I did, I guess it really wouldn’t be magic.

And of course, there’s “Fake Plastic Trees,” “My Iron Lung,” and “Street Spirit,” the latter being one of the main reasons I picked up a guitar. “Immerse your soul in love,” to this day, has to be one of my all time favorite song lyrics, and also a very good philosophy on life.

Well, I haven’t written on this blog for a while, so my writing feels a bit sloppy. But oh well. I love this band. I love this album. The end. Get it now if you don’t have it.


Coldplay – Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

Monday, April 20, 2009
Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends (2008)

Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends (2008)

To me, this is Coldplay at their best. I’m not even a Coldplay fan, really, and a lot of songs on this album don’t really do it for me. But where they do get it right Coldplay have done some of their very best work here, when they stop trying to be experimental and concentrate on crafting a solid britpop song.

The highlight of the album for me is “Lost!’ though many would make a case for “Violet Hill” or “Viva la Vida.” It’s the case that their singles are their best songs on here, the rest being merely so-so.

I gave this a listen all the way through for the first time last night, having only heard their singles on the radio or friend’s rooms or whatnot. Some of it was pretty hard to sit through, like the big slump from “Lost!” until I was eagerly awaiting the first staccato string strains of “Viva la Vida.” After this it slumped off again, and the version I got had a piano rendition of “Lost,” which was nice to close, though not really necessary.

All in all Viva la Vida is a decent album. There are bands I prefer to Coldplay, definitely, but they are fun while they last, until you just get bored of them.