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My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

Monday, January 19, 2009
Loveless (1991)

Loveless (1991)

I got Loveless on a recommendation and was expecting it to be somewhat different. I popped it into the CD player of my truck last summer and thought it sounded pretty good, if a bit different. 

This is pretentious art music. Why do I say that? Because you cannot understand the lyrics because they are merely background the strange soundscape conjured by muddy guitars that obviously have reverb all the way up and then some.

The chord changes would be best described as unconventional. I’m sure they follow some specified pattern, but it seems almost alien. Loveless feels like that kind of album you have to listen to fifty times in a row before you “get it.” To me, it just doesn’t seem to be worth all that time.

Such is My Bloody Valentine. Apparently they were a key influence on the alternative, grunge, and post-rock that would inevitably follow it a few years down the road. But I find most of the bands that My Bloody Valentine influenced to be much better. Take the Smashing Pumpkins for example, one of the greatest bands of the post-grunge years.

Yes, I would recommend this album. But be warned, it is truly a love/hate album. As for me, I’m still not sure what to think of it. I know it’s probably genius, but not the kind of genius that appeals to my musical tastes. Perhaps in time I might come to like it. 

I could see myself giving Loveless a spin once or twice a year.