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Modest Mouse – The Moon and Antarctica

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
The Moon and Antarctica (2000)

The Moon and Antarctica (2000)

YES! I’m goint to see Modest Mouse March 3rd (how’s that for alliteration?).

To do honors to this band, I shall be reviewing The Moon and Antarctica, my favorite Modest Mouse album.

This CD is chocked full of good song after good song. Seriously. First up with have “3rd Planet,” an indie musical masterpiece. Though Modest Mouse are pretty mainstream now, they have always stood out from every other current indie act in my mind. Their music has a sort of “roughness” to it (this is especially evident in The Lonesome Crowded West).

But with 2000’s The Moon and Antarctica, Modest Mouse cool things down a bit, a become a little smoother. Don’t get me wrong – the frenzied strumming and manic screaming is still there (see “Alone Down There”) But Modest Mouse really expand their sound here and sound like a more mature band. I really don’t know what that means, actually. I just think this album sounds better than anything else they’ve done, which is saying a lot for Modest Mouse.

As I mentioned, “3rd Planet” is quite amazing. Actually, everything up to “Wild Pack of Family Dogs” is just epic (WPFD is just the odd-man out for me for this CD).

I think you have to listen to this CD a few a times because it’s not very easy to explain. It’s just…good music. 

My favorite song is “Tiny Cities Made of Ashes.” This is also my favorite Modest Mouse song. It’s just so laid back with the single bassline repeating itself over and over – and then the SCREAMING CHORUS- then eveyrthing’s back to calm and cool. It’s a really neat song and I haven’t heard the likes of it before listening to The Moon and Antarctica. Also, the organ towards the end is pretty cool.

Go Modest Mouse! Cool live rendition below.