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Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

Monday, November 19, 2012
Back to Black (2006)

Back to Black (2006)

Amy, Amy, Amy…

It’s been over a year now, and I’m still listening to you. I’ve listened to Back to Black at least once a week since “it” happened. There is not a single bad track.

Yes, I know that “you are no good,” but really, you are very, very good. This album can be deceptive. A few listens, and anyone can catch all the surface meanings. But if you dig deep, you realize how much of a poet Amy was. Especially in “You Know I’m No Good,” “Back to Black,” and “Wake Up Alone,” she captures the longing and despair of love so well that it is uncanny. She puts you there, in the situation and moment, that you can’t help but feel along with her and get a taste of what we’ve all been through. All I have to do is change all the pronouns to “she,” and it feels like she’s singing about me.

That’s what’s great about Amy – she’s utterly relatable. And then, there are the hooks and the catchy melodies that will not be able to be replicated by anyone else. I loved Amy for her brutal honesty, her grittiness, her not being afraid to be real and call it how it was. I was hoping for a couple more albums out of her. I had to settle for Lioness: Hidden Treasures, I guess. Still, Amy’s leftovers are better than Adele’s chart-toppers (sorry, but that comparison was inevitable).

As a fan of jazz, I could not ask for more out of a songwriter. Hell, even Frank was amazing, but Back to Black was her masterpiece. It deserves all the hype it gets, and more.

Thanks, Amy. You are still missed, by at least this fan.


Adele – 21

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

21 (2011)

I didn’t plan on writing anything today, because I’m sooo tired, but here I am, being a good boy.

Adele might seem a strange choice, following the stylings of Joy Division and Drake. But I’m a bit bipolar when it comes to music (and perhaps in a broader sense?). But that question is not the subject of this post.

Adele…I can’t remember a single artist in recent memory that me and all of my friends listened to, along with all of their friends, all of their grandmothers and nieces and uncles and peoples of all stripes and colors and folks of different spokes and other such whatnots, along with anyone else you freaking asked. In fact, Adele is the artist that has come closest to achieving world peace through her music (maybe). I’m always late to hop on a bandwagon, and I didn’t listen to Adele until the beginning of this year, maybe. Then I heard the songs and was like, “oh yeah. I’ve heard all this before.” And I wanted to talk to all my friends about Adele, and they would give me quizzical looks, and tell me Adele was so 2011.

No. She’s. Not.

Anyway…coolstorybro. That’s all have to say about Adele. Not really. Let’s see if I can make it through his rambling without mentioning her amazing voice. Oh wait…

Yeah, Adele has an amazing voice. Probably one of  the most amazing female voices I have heard. It is simply stunning in its power, especially in “Rolling in the Deep”.

This album has a lot of highlights. My favorites are “Rolling in the Deep”, “Rumor Has It”, “Turning Tables”, “Set Fire to the Rain”, and the cover of “Lovesong”, which took a while to grow on me. I’m also quite partial to “Hiding My Heart” (Yeah. I admit it). As a sidenote, “Someone Like You” is excellent crying yourself to sleep music, and now and forevermore joins the pantheon of such inscrutable as “I Will Always Love You” and “How Do I Live (Without You)”, which, if you’re like me, has soaked more than your share of pillows.

Anyway, I digress. Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this album, because I feel like everyone’s heard it and I have nothing useful to say about it. I think it might have won a Grammy. That is, a trophy of some sort, not a grandma. Anyway, it is late, and I must sleep.