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Explosions in the Sky – The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

Sunday, January 18, 2009
The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (2003)

The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (2003)

April 1, 2007. A day which will live in infamy (for me).
I was going to see Explosions in the Sky live at the University of Oklahoma (where I attend).

I was quite “stoked,” as one might say. Actually, for a while I thought it was a cruel April Fools joke. But when it was confirmed by others that Explosions in the Sky were in fact playing, I was pretty darn excited.

But I never got to go to that concert. I’m still a little sad about it – especially since EITS won’t be touring again anytime soon. They ran out of tickets – I was pretty sure they would have some leftover, but I got there too late. Lesson: always go Ticketmaster.

But on the way, I saw Munaf (a guitarist for the band) sitting with some members of the opening band on a bench outside the student union. My friend and I got a picture with him. I hoped it didn’t annoy him too much. I always get nervous around famous musicians (and people) for some reason. Not that they are exactly that famous..

Anyway, enough of my pity party. The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place was my introduction to Explosions in the Sky. It is their best release, in my opinion, but certainly there is something to love in everything they do.

For me, each song is a story.  “First Breath After Coma” is about a woman waking from a long coma, her husband sitting nearby, holding her hand. The first notes of the guitar mimic the metronome of a heart monitor beeping – the bass drum the heart beat. The beauty of the song builds up, a full celebration of a life not taken for granted in the least.

My favorite track is probably “The Only Moment When We Were Alone.” Just the emotions conveyed – the highs, the lows, the louds, the softs – is absolutely epic. Unlike the first one I don’t have a particular story to go with it.

Probably the fan favorite of EITS is “Your Hand in Mine,” which is played on Friday Night Lights. It certainly is a wonderful track, but the first two cannot be touched with their power.

A very beautiful accomplishment by one of my favorite bands.