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The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace With God

Saturday, May 30, 2009
If I Should Fall From Grace With God (1988)

If I Should Fall From Grace With God (1988)

This album is so fun.

I actually bought this thinking it was Christian music. You would think the title of track two, “Turkish Song of the Damned” might have given it away, but it wasn’t until track three after at least a dozen spittle-spewing f-bombs on the part of Shawn MacGowan that I came to my senses and found this is an album of great extremes, from slow ballands and haunting medleys, to up-tempo dances of firey passion and sometimes even outright silliness (“Fiesta”), all with an undeniable Celtic flavor. What more could one ask of the Pogues (in case you don’t know the answer, it’s “not a lot”)?

The album begins with the title track, a good song, but to me, little more than an intro to the firey and abrasive “Turkish Song of the Damned.” If this doesn’t get the fire boiling in your veins, then something is wrong with you. Seriously.

I’m pretty sure that track three, “Bottle of Smoke,” would probably  give my grandparents a heart attack. It is a thrill ride like no other.

“Fairytale in New York” is the perfect ballad turned waltzy thing on theis album. It’s my favorite Christmas song of all time, mostly because it doesn’t sound like cheesy Christmas music.

But “Thousands are Sailing” is definitely my favorite on the album. A sad song, with this great line “Thousands are sailing / across the western ocean / to a land of opportunity / that most of them will never see.” I always get chills when that line comes, and in fact, God chills just writing it! That’s how you know it’s good!

The last song I’ll talk about is “Fiesta.” If you want to hear an Irishman sing atrocious Spanish drunkenly with a mariachi band with a Celtic twist, then look no further. Needless to say, this is one amazing song.

“Farewell, Streets of Sorrow…” also a good song. Listen to it, if you haven’t!

Also… the banner of this site is the Pogues playing. Fun fact!


Pixies – Doolittle

Sunday, April 5, 2009
Doolittle (1989)

Doolittle (1989)

Springtime’s in the air in Oklahoma. Sort of. Which means windows come down and the tunes get cranked up, cause I’m that “cool guy” who does that, who people think he thinks that they think he’s cool because he plays his music loud, but in reality he knows he’s a huge dork, hopefully of the loveable kind, but most likely not.

To get to the point, I really like listening to Doolittle when the weather is perfect. Like, seventy two degrees (Fahrenheit), sunny, a certain smell of freshness in the air unique to early spring in the South, where often listening to a record as ecletic as Doolittle is liable to get you shot (not really), that is, if you don’t get sucked up a tornado first.

I love living where I am, especially around this time of year, where I am witness to thunderstorms galore. Doolittle to me is the perfect spring album. Upbeat, really crazy, and can get your blood pumping – maybe we don’t need that tornado. Certainly, Doolittle is one of the most fun albums I own.

The sheer bliss of “Debaser” and all the crazy yelling and words that seem to be in German. Love it. Also, “Wave of Mutilation” is absolutely amazing. “Here Comes Your Man” has to have the catchiest guitar riffs of all of indie music – maybe all time. Maybe I’m just a loser, but the rest of the album seems to drop in quality, but for the Pixies that still means amazing. The rest of the songs sort of seem to flow together – fun to listen to, though I don’t know their names. They’re fun though.

Well, I shall be “cranking” this bad boy of an album out for the next week or so, or until I fancy something else. Or even Surfer Rosa, which is fun stuff too. Always, of course, windows down.